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3 reasons why you should get a cloud CCTV camera.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

1. Camera status report iVideon monitors the health of your camera’s internet connection. Get online and offline status report push to your Apple or Android app or send to your email account.

iVideon Camera Status Report

2. Protects your CCTV recordings from vandalism or hardware failure. Cloud CCTV cameras simultaneously do its recording on the camera and in the cloud. You can be more sure that you will be able to retrieve your valuable CCTV recordings even if your camera is vandalised, stolen or experiences a hardware failure.

3. Cheaper setup and installation cost Cloud CCTV cameras can be Wi-Fi and 5V DC powered. This means that you can with the added convenience of a magnetic bracket, you can install these cloud cameras anywhere without the need to employ costly cabling manpower for the installation.

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