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How to archive your recordings with Ivideon.

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Step 1

Sign in to your Ivideon account at

Step 2

Click on the camera you want to archive.


Step 3

Click on the Export archive recordings disk icon.


Step 4

Click on the orange highlighted bar to select the recordings you would like to archive:

  1. The orange buttons to expand and contract the timeline of the archive.

  2. Click on the orange bar to move the timeline of the archive.



  1. Click and drag the timeline to select the camera recording.

  2. Click on + and – to expand and contract camera recording timeline.

  3. Click on the date to select desire day to view the recording.


Step 5

To start archiving click on the  symbol.


Step 6

Finally to download the recordings to your personal computer, click on Archive export and follow the instructions.

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