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Video Analytics

Enjoy Ivideon Cloud Analytics without the need to invest in an expensive CCTV setup.  Upgrade your CCTV system with video analytics with Ivideon Bridge.

Face Recognition crop.png

Face Recognition

Real-time Face Recognition system and Analytics. Get everything in one click: your visitors' gender, age, and emotional state. 

Mask Detection .png


Detection of all people with/without mask.


People Counting

Cloud based people counter is a multi-tool with Ivideon. Dashboard compiles everything you need in one place, filters objects based on analysis of 3D scene with 95% accuracy of statistics. 

Queue Detector.png

Queue Detector

Helps increase customer loyalty by automatically sending notifications when there are crowds of people present and creating detailed reports on queues for proactive adjustments.


License Plate Recognition

Automatically identifies vehicles entering specified areas or roads supported by quick license plate recognition, collection of video recordings and statistics on passing traffic. 

Temperature .png

Temperature Control

Body temperature monitoring. Multi-target measurement with the thermal camera solution.

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Questions on Ivideon Video Analytics?

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